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Asr prayer time UAE

Asr prayer time and schedule, so One of Islam’s five most fundamental pillars is to pray five times a day. USA Activity investigates the many aspects of Islamic piety in this essay. These include elements like the time and day when people meet to pray, as well as the direction they face while doing so. He also looks at the many ways Muslims throughout the globe and of other religions have prayed.

For Muslims, prayer to God is more than just a ritual. It is said to purify people’s souls. A chance to engage with God on three levels: physical, cerebral, and spiritual.

The daily five-part prayer is being said by over a billion Muslims worldwide. From early in the morning to late at night. When praying, every Muslim must face the Kaaba in Mecca. Muslims traditionally read the Quran while standing and bowing forward into a prostration.

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  1. First, before the sun rises, often known as fajr.
  2. Dhuhr, also regarded as the hottest time of day,
  3. The third Muslim prayer of the day is Asr prayer time.
  4. Maghrib is the Arabic name for the hours after sunset.
  5. After midnight and before dawn; Isha


The last prayer of the night, known as fajr, is offered just before daybreak. The Fajr salah requires two rakats (or Fard).


Dhuhr The second daily prayer, Dhuhr salah, is done at noon. For this prayer, four rakats are required.

Asr prayer time

Following the afternoon Dhuhr prayer, Muslims throughout the globe conduct the Asr, Asr prayer time. This prayer should include four rakats.


It is advised to say the Maghrib prayer just before nightfall. During the Magrib prayer, at least three prostrations are necessary.

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The day concludes for Muslims with the evening prayer known as Isha salah. There should be four rakats in total.

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the five daily prayers are as follows: Fajar at 5:31 AM, Dhuhur at 12:12 PM, Asr at 3:11 PM, Maghrib at 5:30 PM, and Isha at 7:00 PM. Learn about the current Azan and Asr prayer time in Dubai, as well as the weekly Salat times.

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