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EVB Workplace EV Charger: The Innovation of the AC EV Charger with Cable

EVB is at the forefront of workplace EV charger, offering advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses. In this blog post, we will explore the innovation behind the AC EV Charger with Cable, focusing on its unique features. We will discuss the LED ring for charging status indication, built in electrical protections for a safe charging environment, and the integrated kWh meter for accurate energy measurement.

Innovative Features of the BENY Smart EV Charger

LED Ring for Charging Status Indication: The BENY Smart EV Charger is equipped with an LED ring that provides clear and intuitive charging status indication. The ring changes color to indicate different stages of the charging process, making it easy for users to understand the current status at a glance. This feature enhances user convenience and eliminates confusion during the charging process.

Built in Electrical Protections: Safety is a top priority when it comes to workplace charging. The BENY charger incorporates built in electrical protections to ensure a safe charging environment. It includes safeguards against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating, protecting both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure. These protections give users peace of mind, knowing that their vehicles are charging safely and securely.

Integrated kWh Meter for Accurate Energy Measurement: Accurate energy measurement is essential for businesses to track and manage charging expenses effectively. The BENY charger features an integrated kWh meter that accurately measures the energy consumed during charging. This allows businesses to monitor and allocate charging costs accurately, ensuring transparency and efficient financial management.


EVB’s AC EV Charger with Cable is an innovative solution that brings advanced features to workplace charging infrastructure. The LED ring for charging status indication enhances user experience, providing clear and intuitive feedback during the charging process. The built in electrical protections ensure a safe charging environment, safeguarding both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure. Additionally, the integrated kWh meter enables accurate energy measurement, facilitating effective cost tracking and financial management for businesses. By choosing EVB’s innovative workplace EV charger, businesses can provide employees and visitors with a reliable, safe, and user friendly charging experience. Embrace the innovation of EVB’s workplace EV Charger and power your workplace towards a sustainable and electric future.

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