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Light Up the Stage with Light Sky’s Stage Light Bar – Mamba

Light Sky is dedicated to delivering high-quality lighting solutions, and the Mamba Stage Light Bar is a testament to that commitment. With its exceptional power and impressive features, the Mamba is the perfect choice for stage professionals and enthusiasts alike. Let Light Sky’s Mamba Stage Light Bar take center stage and elevate your performances to new heights.

Unleash Impressive Power and Versatility

The Mamba Stage Light Bar packs a punch with its impressive power capabilities. Operating at a voltage range of AC 100-240V and 50/60Hz, this lighting fixture is suitable for various power systems around the world. With a power consumption of 425W and a power factor greater than 0.98, the Mamba delivers efficient and reliable performance. Whether it’s a small stage or a large production, the Mamba’s power ensures that your lighting needs are met with precision and reliability.

Compact Design and Easy Setup

Light Sky’s Mamba Stage Light Bar features a compact design that combines functionality and convenience. With dimensions of 1003×126×308(mm) and a net weight of 20.3 kg, the Mamba is lightweight and easy to handle. The light comes with a carton dimension of 1110×410×215(mm) and a gross weight of 24.0 kg, making transportation and storage hassle-free. Additionally, the Mamba can be stored and transported in a sturdy fly case with dimensions of 1075mm×680mm×495mm and a gross weight of 100.4 kg (3 in 1). This ensures the safety and protection of the fixture while on the move.


Light Sky’s Mamba Stage Light Bar is the ultimate lighting solution for stages of all sizes. With its impressive power capabilities and versatile voltage compatibility, the Mamba delivers reliable and efficient performance. The compact design and easy setup make it a convenient choice for professionals on the go. Light up the stage and captivate your audience with Light Sky’s Mamba Stage Light Bar. Experience the power, versatility, and convenience of this exceptional lighting fixture.

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