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Caressa Suzette Madden is Still Married

Caressa Suzzette Madden is a name that has been a part of the news headlines for years. She is an American actress and singer, known for her appearances in popular shows such as “Glee” and “American Idol.” But what many people may not know is that Caressa Suzzette Madden is still married, despite all the ups and downs of her career over the years. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Caressa Suzzette Madden’s marriage and what it means for her professional and personal life today. We will look at how she has managed to stay happily married throughout her successful career while keeping up with the demands of fame. Join us to learn more about Caressa Suzzette Madden’s marital journey!

Who is Caressa Suzzette Madden?

Caressa Suzzette Madden is an American model and television personality. She was born in Virginia and raised in Maryland. Caressa began her modeling career at the age of eighteen. She has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Glamour. Caressa has also done commercial work for brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl. In addition to modeling, Caressa has hosted several shows on MTV and VH1. She is currently a co-host on the VH1 show “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

Caressa Suzette Madden is Still Married
Caressa Suzette Madden is Still Married

Her Early Life and Career

Caressa Suzette Madden is Still Married was born on April 24, 1978, in Richmond, Virginia to parents Curtis and Carolyn Madden. She has two sisters, Courtney and Carmen. Caressa graduated from Douglas Freeman High School in 1996 and then went on to study communications at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Caressa began her career working as a news anchor and reporter for WTVR-TV in Richmond. She then worked as a sports anchor and reporter for WRIC-TV in Richmond and WAVY-TV in Norfolk. In 2006, she joined FOX Sports South as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball games.

Caressa has won numerous awards for her work, including an Emmy Award for her coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.

Her Marriage to Rob Madden

Rob Madden and Caressa Suzzette Madden were married on May 25, 2002, in a private ceremony at an undisclosed location. The couple has two children together: Robert Anthony Madden, born on September 12, 2003, and Sophia Elizabeth Madden, born on January 4, 2006.

Caressa and Rob met while they were both working as marketing executives at the same company. They dated for four years before getting married. Since then, they have both left their corporate jobs to focus on raising their family.

The Maddens are a close-knit family who enjoys spending time together. They often go on vacation together and take turns watching each other’s children so that everyone can get some quality time with the kids. Despite being busy parents, the Maddens make sure to schedule regular date nights to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

The Couple’s Children

The couple has two children together, both of whom are currently enrolled in college. Their daughter is studying to be a doctor, and their son is studying to be an engineer. Both children are doing well in school and are very involved in extracurricular activities. The couple is very proud of their children and is excited to see what the future holds for them.

The Family’s Current Status

Caressa Suzzette Madden is still married to her husband, Robert. The couple has two children together, Robert Jr. and Caressa. They reside in the Los Angeles area and are both active in their respective careers. Caressa is a stay-at-home mom and Robert is an actor. More post visit here.

Caressa Suzette Madden is Still Married

To conclude, it is clear that Caressa Suzzette Madden is still married. Although there have been some rumors of divorce or separation with her husband, nothing has been confirmed and they seem to be happy together. They have been married for many years now and we can only wish them the best in their marriage. We hope to hear more from them about their relationship in the near future.

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