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NPC-M3215 Specifications:

  • Panel size: 31.5″
  • Panel type: TFT-LCD
  • Panel technology: VA
  • Visibility area: 698.4×392.85mm
  • View angle: 178(H) / 178 (V)

The NPC-M3215 is a curved gaming monitor that offers FHD QHD UHD resolutions with refresh rates ranging from 75Hz to an impressive 240Hz. Its R1800 curvature provides an immersive gaming experience, while the VA panel technology ensures accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles.


Another popular option is our NPC-M2715 monitor. With a 27″ display and FHD QHD UHD resolutions, it offers a versatile solution for various applications. The 75Hz refresh rate guarantees smooth visuals, making it suitable for both gaming and professional use.

The Future of Monitor Technology

As a monitor manufacturer in Georgia, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our goal is to continue providing innovative solutions that enhance user experiences across different industries.


In conclusion, as a leading monitor manufacturer based in Georgia, we strive to meet the increasing demands for high-quality monitors. By incorporating advanced technologies and focusing on quality, durability, and cost-performance, we aim to provide users with exceptional visual experiences.

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