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APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter: Empowering Effective Thrombus Removal in Coronary Procedures

APT Medical is introducing the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter, a quick exchange type catheter intended to aspirate thrombus in cornary artery. This aspiration catheter provides medical personnel with a highly effective way to quickly and efficiently remove thrombus during cardiac operations because of its significant lumen, excellent pushability, and trackability. Now, let’s explore the remarkable attributes and advantages of the aspiration catheter.

Large Circular Aspiration Lumen for Enhanced Thrombus Removal

The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter boasts a sizeable circular aspiration lumen that significantly improves thrombus removal efficiency. This feature ensures fast and stable suction, allowing medical professionals to clear thrombus from the coronary vessels effectively. With its excellent thrombus-aspiration capability, the coronary catheter enables swift and reliable thrombus removal, enhancing patient outcomes.

Optimal Pushability and Kink Resistance

Designed for optimal performance, the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter offers superior pushability and kink resistance. The enhanced stiffness of the shaft provides excellent kink resistance, allowing medical professionals to navigate the tortuous coronary anatomy with ease. This feature ensures smooth catheter advancement and precise positioning, facilitating efficient thrombus removal.

Removable Preloaded Stylet for Enhanced Maneuverability

The coronary catheter features a removable preloaded style that further enhances its pushability and kink resistance. The product is offered in three distinct guidewire lumen lengths, specifically 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm, in order to cater to various clinical requirements. The utilization of this coronary catheter during interventional procedures enables accurate and regulated elimination of blood clots, even in varying conditions.

Optimized Tip Design for Vessel Preservation

The Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter incorporates an optimized tip design to minimize possible damage to vessels. The atraumatic round tip reduces the risk of vessel trauma during catheterization, ensuring patient safety. The 4mm short tip also enhances the coronary catheter’s crossability over tortuous anatomies, enabling smooth navigation through challenging coronary structures.


APT Medical’s Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter represents a significant advancement in coronary catheterization. With its sizeable circular aspiration lumen, superior pushability and trackability, removable preloaded style, optimized tip design, and diverse guidewire lumen lengths, this aspiration catheter empowers medical professionals to remove thrombus effectively and rapidly during coronary procedures. By revolutionizing the approach to thrombus removal during coronary intervention, the Sniffer™ Aspiration Catheter has enhanced patient outcomes and exemplified the organization’s dedication to innovative, patient-centric research and development.

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