Double bet correctly and bring high efficiency

Double bet What is it and how to apply double betting techniques at casino to achieve the best results? This is a way of playing that many bettors apply and have achieved success. However, there are still many bettors who do not know about this interesting way to play. Today’s post, New88vinet We will provide you with information related to playing card games.

Learn briefly about what is double betting?

To put it simply, double bet The bet amount of the next game will be double the previous game. In addition, players will choose to be loyal to a single bet until they win.

This betting technique is often applied to some casino card games: Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Xoc Dia, Bau Cua. Specific examples in the Baccarat betting game to help players more easily visualize this way of playing:

  • Game 1: Bet player chooses Player hand, recharge bet was 100K, lost.
  • Game 2: Still the Player’s hand, but the amount is now doubled to 200K, a loss.
  • Game 3: Loyal to the Player’s hand, x2 amount increased to 400K, lost.
  • Game 4: Player still bets on Player, bet is 800K, loses.
  • Game 5: Player door continues, bet amount up to 1,600K, win.

After winning, in the next bet, the player will choose a single bet. However, the bet amount will now return to the original level of 100K, and continue like that until you win.

What are the benefits of playing double bets?

Each betting strategy will have its own outstanding advantages. When playing beat quickly will bring many great benefits to bettors who take advantage of methods such as:

  • Increase your chances of winning many times compared to other forms of betting.
  • High profits due to higher betting odds, the more money you bet on, the bigger the amount of money you receive.
  • Double bet brings dramatic, attractive and equally interesting game play because of its extremely simple application. The opportunity to bet big and receive instant rewards will make any player feel excited.
  • Determining the correct bet before investing will definitely increase your chances of winning.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing folding?

The benefits cannot be denied beat quickly bring. But every way of playing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Players need to clearly understand these points to invest effectively.


The advantages of playing double bets are as follows:

  • If you play according to the correct strategy and don’t give up midway, players who use double play will never lose all their capital.
  • To play folding effectively, players must divide their capital into small parts. This indirectly helps players manage their capital more effectively.
  • The winning rate when using double play is almost absolute. Except in cases where the player lacks capital and cannot continue to bet more.

Disadvantages of double betting

Players need to note the following disadvantages to build for themselves a reasonable strategy when investing in quick play.

  • Players pursue beat quickly must have a large enough capital. There are no shortage of cases where players lose many games continuously, the amount of bet spent is very large. If players do not have the capital to persevere in betting, it is easy for players to end up empty-handed.
  • The more matches you play, the winnings will not be too high.
  • Few people apply the strategy of folding effectively from start to finish. There are many reasons why players give up midway such as lack of capital, impatience, impatience, and arbitrarily increasing the bet too much to get back their capital early. …

How to double play with high efficiency

Any form of betting requires players to have their own strategies and investment plans. If you meet those requirements, then when the player beat quickly only brings high efficiency for you.

The capital source is large enough

Folding will be effective for those with large capital. Because as we know, there are bridges that last up to 13 – 15 consecutive games. If there is not enough capital to follow to the end, the possibility of the player losing everything is entirely possible.

Be patient when playing

As shared above,double bet Not for the “faint-hearted” and lacking in perseverance. Because there are times when the bet is at a standstill, lasting more than 10 consecutive games.

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If a new player goes about 7-8 games without winning, he gets discouraged and gives up halfway. It seems like the previous bet amount will be lost, which is extremely unfortunate. Therefore, to be successful with this method, you must first have enough capital and second, be persistent enough to follow through.

Know how to choose games to play quickly

More important than ever, double betting should only be applied to games with few bets, 50/50 format such as: Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Sic Bo, etc. Games with many options should be considered. Remember to use other methods to achieve the best results.


Through the content of the article above, New88 provided very detailed concepts and methods double bet to be effective. Hopefully these honest, objective suggestions will help players win in their card games.

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