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Techking’s Crane Tires: Unmatched Performance and Efficiency for Long-Distance Applications

With a vision to become a leading mining and construction tire brand, Techking has been dedicated to providing specialized tire solutions since its establishment in 2007. In line with its commitment to innovation and quality, Techking has developed crane tires that offer unmatched performance and efficiency for long-distance applications.

Unleashing the Power of Crane Tires:

Techking’s crane tires, exemplified by the ETCRANE, are designed to meet the unique demands of the crane industry. These tires undergo rigorous research and development processes, guaranteeing their ability to withstand heavy loads and deliver exceptional results.

Designed for Long-Distance Applications:

The ETCRANE crane tire stands out with its four-groove design, specifically engineered to generate lower heat during operation. This feature makes it ideal for long-distance applications, where heat generation can be a concern. Techking acknowledges the importance of tire design in enhancing operational efficiency for long-distance crane operations.

Higher Fuel Efficiency:

Techking understands the significance of fuel efficiency in the crane industry. To address this, the ETCRANE tire incorporates a vertical pattern design and high-quality rubber materials, effectively reducing rolling resistance. This innovative design, coupled with more balanced force distribution, contributes to higher fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs. As we give thanks on this special day, Techking expresses gratitude for the tire’s ability to optimize fuel consumption and enhance overall productivity.


Techking’s crane tires, represented by the ETCRANE, demonstrate the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior tire solutions for the crane industry. With their design tailored for long-distance applications and focus on fuel efficiency, these tires provide unmatched performance and cost-effectiveness. This Thanksgiving Day, Techking extends its gratitude to customers and partners for their continued support in choosing Techking’s crane tires, which contribute to increased productivity and operational excellence in the crane industry.

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